Secure Your Patient Data with ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 for the Healthcare Industry​

For a systematic approach to information security in the healthcare industry, ISO 27001 is your go-to partner. By adhering to this internationally recognised framework, you’ll protect patient data, ensure confidentiality, and meet all your regulatory requirements. Plus, compliance means you’ll be protected against breaches going forward.


The healthcare industry faces several unique information security challenges:

Protecting patient health information

It’s crucial to protect your patients’ data from breaches and unauthorised access. Sensitive medical records and personal data may be exploited by bad actors, and maintaining security is critical to ensuring patient confidentiality and trust.

Safeguarding medical research and intellectual property

Keeping research findings, intellectual property, and other sensitive information confidential is vital for healthcare organisations involved in potentially ground-breaking research. It protects individuals and helps bodies innovate and maintain a competitive edge.

Ensuring healthcare regulatory compliance

With such vast amounts of data being handled, it’s vital for healthcare organisations to stay complaint. Otherwise, they risk of running foul of data protection laws and other regulatory obligations.


Fortunately, we can help:

Implementing robust security controls and encryption for patient information

ISO 27001 Certified has a range of solutions to add extra layers of protection to your security and access protocols, helping you keep sensitive patient information secure.

Conducting regular risk assessments and vulnerability scanning

Through our services, our clients take a proactive approach to threat detection and mitigation, helping them strengthen their security posture and prevent data breaches.

Establishing comprehensive incident response and fraud prevention mechanisms

We help our clients establish comprehensive data governance and access management protocols. This prevents unauthorised access and ensures patient data is properly managed.

Guarantee Your ISO 27001 Certification with Us

We guide each one of our clients through the certification process from start to finish. We’ll work with you and get to know your organisation and its processes, ensuring you meet the rigorous standards expected to meet the regulatory requirements. All we ask is that you follow our instructions and make all the necessary amendments to your security infrastructure. Do that, and we guarantee you’ll be ISO 27001 Certified in no time.

Other Services

Other Services

  • ISO Implementation and Support
  • Security Testing
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (CSMA)
  • Virtual CISO-as-a-Service
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (VMaaS)
  • Third Party Audit
  • Risk Assessment

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