Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Take a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an outsourced IT solution that takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity by detecting and eliminating threats before they become breaches. MDR is ideal for organisations who take their data and information protection seriously but do not have the time or resources to maintain and strengthen their own security infrastructure. Our MDR includes 24/7 monitoring, regular security reviews, threat bulletins, and proactive threat hunting.

How Can Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Help You?

As a Security-as-a-Service offering, MDR is an excellent way to shore up your security infrastructure and guarantee an increased ROI. Besides cutting costs, Managed Detection and Response helps your organisation by providing vulnerability management, 24/7 threat monitoring, analysis, and rapid response to known and unknown attacks. With our MDR services, you can direct your focus towards core business operations and rest assured that your cybersecurity protocols are comprehensive and proactive.

Our Managed Detection and Response Service

MDR services from ISO 27001 Certified are designed to offer comprehensive information and data security to all sized organisations. Our services include:

24/7 threat detection, response, and remediation

Our team monitors and analyses network and endpoint data, allowing them to respond efficiently to security breaches.

An expert team always on hand

Our security experts are always available by phone, email, or text to offer their guidance and support or respond to any security breaches.

Proactive managed threat hunting

We proactively search your network and endpoints to identify and respond to threats which may have gone unnoticed by your existing security stack.

Alert triage

Some security alerts are more serious that others, which is why we prioritise and respond to alerts based on the severity and potential impact on your business.

Manage firewalls and security infrastructure

The team will manage and optimise your infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and security information and event management (SIEM) tools.

Intelligence-based threat detection

Our MDR service leverages threat intelligence and advanced forensics to detect, investigate, and remediate potential security incidents.

Why Choose ISO 27001 Certified?

We want to partner with you today. But what’s in it for you?


We offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees you the highest level of service and availability.

Wide range of services

Whether you’re looking for Virtual CISO or ISO 27001 certification, we have a range of services to meet your cybersecurity needs.

Cost effective

All our services are fairly priced, tailored to your unique needs, and promise an excellent return on investment.

The trusted experts

When you partner with us, you’re working with a team of experienced industry leaders.

If you like what you see but still have questions for us, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today.

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