Security Testing

Stop Data Breaches in Their Tracks with Advanced Security Testing

What is security testing and why is it important?

If you want to protect your organisation against cyber-attacks and data breaches, security testing should be one of the first lines of defence. By conducting meticulous assessments of your security systems and protocols, we’ll identify weaknesses and reinforce your security infrastructure to protect you going forward. In an ever-evolving threat landscape, protecting your sensitive data has never been important. So, why not get started today and futureproof your information security systems?

Testing Bundles

For a more holistic approach to security, our testing bundles can be catered to your specific business needs.


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Types of security testing

By offering a broad range of security testing methods, we’re perfectly positioned to cater to your organisation’s unique needs. Our methodologies include a range of penetration tests – aka, simulated attacks – and bespoke testing bundles

Cloud Pen Testing

Cloud penetration testing is invaluable for shoring up the security of your cloud-based infrastructure and applications. We’ll assess your cloud security to uncover weaknesses and mitigate against future breaches.

Mobile Pen Testing

Mobile application penetration testing will uncover any security vulnerabilities within iOS, Android, and other operating systems. We’ll isolate and mitigate against vulnerabilities such as insecure data storage and code faults, giving you peace of mind going forward.

Network Pen Testing

Address network vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized access, both internal and external. Our testing uncovers things like poor security controls and other network flaws to protect your network against potentially catastrophic breaches.

Social Engineering Testing

By simulating social engineering attacks such as phishing schemes and media baiting, as well as educating your employees, your organisation will soon be immune to the latest tricks used by hackers.

Red Teaming

Our expertly trained team members will learn about your operations to isolate your security weaknesses before simulating a real-world attack. By employing methodologies used by hackers, red teaming is one of the best ways to improve your overall security posture.

Web App Pen Testing

Our simulated cyber-attacks will test web applications and their features to give you a 360-degree view of your security posture, giving you the best platform to shore up vulnerabilities and protect against data breaches.

Wireless Pen Testing

Wireless networks, almost ubiquitous in the modern business world, are incredibly vulnerable to attacks. We’ll identify weaknesses in your wireless systems by looking for potential weak spots such as access points, encryption protocols, and device access.

Risk-Driven Application Security Testing

A risk-driven approach to application security testing involves proactively identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities based on their risk rating. That way, we can mitigate dangers according to urgency, protecting you where you need it most.

ATP Attack Testing

Advanced threat protection involves evaluating your organisation’s readiness to identify and respond to advanced threats. Ideal for businesses that need an extra layer of security.

Mobile Application Security Testing

By evaluating the data security of your mobile applications, we’ll identify flaws such as insecure data storage, weak encryption, and insecure communication lines.

IoT Security Penetration Testing

Interconnected devices and systems can be a playground for would-be hackers. Protect yourself against such attacks now and in the future by uncovering weaknesses in your IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

A full 360-degree assessment of your overall security posture, we’ll assess the systems and protocols across your entire organisation from the perspective of a would-be attacker. This service is a wide-ranging assessment, ideal of all-sized organisations.

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ISO 27001 Certified?

Not only do we guarantee all of our customers 100% compliance, but we’ll always be there to offer you ongoing support, and management. That way, you’ll never run the risk of non-compliance.

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