Vulnerability Management as a Service (VmaaS)

Stop Security Threats in Their Tracks

What is Vulnerability Management as a Service (VmaaS)?

With Vulnerability Management as a Service (VmaaS), you’ll leverage the extensive skills of our security experts to proactively identify, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities throughout your various IT systems and applications. This involves the continuous and real-time monitoring of your infrastructure, helping us to prepare your organisation for all threats now and going forward.

How Can Vulnerability Management as a Service (VmaaS) Help You?

With our VmaaS, you’ll empower your business to remediate vulnerabilities more efficiently, while gaining a better understanding of your environment and the potential risks for exposure. Plus, we’ll constantly reassess the current state of your assets against multiple vulnerability database feeds, ensuring your infrastructure remains robust and secure.

Our Vulnerability Management as a Service (VmaaS)

We’ve crafted our VmaaS to offer you the most comprehensive and all-encompassing service on the market. It includes:

Asset, threat, and vulnerabilities visibility and management

We’ll give you a complete view of your organisation’s assets and their risk profiles, enabling you to prioritise remediation efforts.

Automated vulnerability scanning

Ongoing automated scanning means vulnerabilities are identified in real-time, speeding up detection and reaction times.

Emergency patch monitoring

We’ll manage patches according to their level of vulnerability, ensuring the most critical issues are prioritised.

Asset monitoring and regular scans

All assets are continuously monitored and scanned, ensuring changes in their security posture are quickly identified and efficiently resolved.

Environment changes and impact on security posture

With VmaaS, environmental changes are tracked, along with the impact they’ll have on your security, so you’re always aware of potential risks.

Expert guidance and insights

Our experienced team are ideally positioned to offer expert guidance and recommendations for the most effective remediation strategies.

Why Choose ISO 27001 Certified?

We want to partner with you today. But what’s in it for you?


We offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees you the highest level of service and availability.

Wide range of services

Whether you’re looking for Virtual CISO or ISO 27001 certification, we have a range of services to meet your cybersecurity needs.

Cost effective

All our services are fairly priced, tailored to your unique needs, and promise an excellent return on investment.

The trusted experts

When you partner with us, you’re working with a team of experienced industry leaders.

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